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Public Relations

Senior Vice President, Digital Marketing

A leading integrated marketing & PR firm needed a new leader for their digital marketing team. We presented 7 candidates and filled the role within 8 weeks with an executive from a competing agency.

Senior Account Executive, Public Relations

Persuading accomplished, mid-level PR professionals with specific industry experience to consider a move to another agency can be challenging. A mid-size PR agency needed to backfill a critical SAE position. We filled the role within 3 weeks with an excellent SAE from a direct competitor.

Executive Vice President, Public Relations

The unexpected departure of a long-tenured EVP created a big gap on the leadership team of a leading B2B tech PR agency. We presented 5 candidates and filled the position within 8 weeks with an executive coming from a direct competitor.

Vice President, Public Relations

A startup brand marketing agency needed a PR leader to help formally launch their PR practice. We were so aligned on candidate requirements, the first candidate we presented was hired, just 2 weeks after we kicked off the search.

Market Research Associate

A PR agency was growing their market research team. We presented 4 candidates and filled the role within 4 weeks with an exceptional candidate coming from a specialty market research firm.

Account Director, Healthcare

Finding candidates with deep healthtech PR experience can be a particular challenge. We landed a standout Account Director with deep healthtech experience less than 4 weeks after kicking off the search.

Media Relations Specialist

Exceptional media relations specialists are a rare find. A mid-size PR agency needed to bolster their media relations team. We filled the position within 3 weeks with a rising media relations star from a direct competitor.

Senior Account Executive, Paid Media

A leading integrated marketing & PR firm needed an account person for their paid digital marketing team, someone with experience planning and executing paid search & social campaigns. We filled the position within 3 weeks.

Account Supervisor, Public Relations

When we initially presented this candidate to our PR agency client, he ended up being runner-up for the position. We kept in touch with him over the course of several months, and when a similar role opened, we re-introduced him and the hire was made.

Content Marketing Manager

The in-house marketing team at an integrated marketing agency was in need of a content marketer who could be both strategic and handle significant writing duties. We presented 4 candidates and filled the role within 4 weeks.

Account Director, Public Relations

During a candidate reference check, we learned the reference was open to exploring new career opportunities. We knew his background was an ideal fit for one of our best clients and made an intro. They capitalized on the opportunity to land a top talent with highly relevant experience, creating an opening and adding him to their team.

Senior Account Supervisor, Public Relations

One of the top mid-size PR agencies in the US needed a dynamic senior account person to lead several key clients. We targeted a small group of similar agencies and landed them a star who was in the same position with a direct competitor.

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