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2024 Salary Guide

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Our Salary Guide can be used by both employers & job seekers. Employers will find this data helpful for setting or adjusting salary ranges for a variety of marketing, PR, & creative roles in order to align with market rates. Job seekers (or employees) will find this information useful for when it’s time to negotiate a new salary.


Nearly 100 marketing, creative, & PR roles.


Salaries sourced from Payscale, a leader in compensation data, and validated by Vetted


Includes national averages + data for 10 US cities

However you use this guide, remember that salary is only one factor in a much bigger picture. Finding fulfillment in your work comes from a combination of things: a supportive manager and teammates; company culture; job location and flexibility; opportunities for career advancement; as well as pay and benefits. All these factors should be considered, whether you are looking to attract top talent or find the right job for you.

Some things to note:

  • The more specific and niche your job requirement is, the more likely it is that you will need to pay a premium for high-quality talent.
  • Location and its impact on cost of living is a major variable when considering a reasonable salary. Thus, it is important to take the location of your role into consideration when reviewing this guide.
  • Data was provided by PayScale and Vetted. Payscale’s approach to compensation data and survey data ensures a precise view of salaries through a variety of data methodology and validation processes, utilizing a four-step methodology to ensure accuracy and transparency from the collection and validation of data. Further details on this process can be found here.