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Flexible solutions custom-tailored to your needs

If hiring is one of your biggest challenges, you’re far from alone. Many of our clients are in an acute growth stage and need in-demand marketing, PR, or creative professionals, but don’t have the time or resources for a comprehensive search, or aren’t sure how to best find and engage the right talent.

We have the expertise to be your talent matchmaker. Your company brand and culture is unique, and the same goes for the skills, experience, and personality that make someone an ideal match for your team.

In today’s dynamic, highly competitive hiring environment, we are the flexible recruiting partner that enables you to build your team quickly and efficiently without blowing up your budget. We deliver on the promise of our name, providing comprehensive candidate sourcing and screening, as well as thorough reference checks. And, we offer varied pricing options and a 100%, 100-day refund guarantee.

Our Recruitment Process

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1. Thoroughly understand your role & unique needs

We schedule an in-depth intake meeting to learn the complete details of your role(s), interview process, and how you characterize an ideal hire. Are you looking for talent with agency experience, in-house experience or both? Do you need creative help or growth marketing expertise? Here’s where we lock in on what your next great hire will look like.

2. Research & identify candidates

We activate our network and search targeted talent pools to find relevant matches based on skills and experience that match your criteria. We identify competitors and target companies where high-performing talent are making a big impact.

3. Engage & screen candidates

We begin a multi-step, sequenced approach to connect with the right talent, conducting interviews and shortlisting the strongest candidates. Here, we are all about saving you time, so that when we present you with a candidate, you’ll be excited about setting up an interview with them.

4. Present the most qualified candidates

We emphasize quality over quantity, sharing just the candidates who are the closest match, so you can quickly begin your interview process.

5. Coordinate interviews

Whether it’s one round or several, we help coordinate and streamline your interview process, meeting with you and each candidate before and after every interview to assure a smooth experience for both sides.

6. Gather feedback & assess fit

We conduct reference checks and assessments as needed to help you and your team make a hiring decision you feel confident in.

7. Offer negotiation & counteroffer prep

We help facilitate your offer process, ensuring both sides are happy with the offer and there’s a smooth resignation process.

8. Post-start check-in

We don’t disappear after your offer is accepted. We follow-up with you and your new hire within a few weeks of their start date to make sure everyone’s expectations are being met.

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