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Our Approach

In a world filled with all types of recruiting firms, from temp agencies, contingent recruiters, retained search firms and everything in between, how do you find the right recruiting partner? And even while everyone claims to be different, how do you evaluate their services in a way that’s meaningful for your business, your organizational culture, your unique team dynamics?

When you hone in on boutique, permanent-placement recruitment firms, those that specialize in filling marketing or PR/communications roles (or both), you’ll find Vetted.

What makes Vetted different? There’s our industry-leading 100-day, 100% fee guarantee, designed to foster long-term partnerships. And, we’re especially proud to donate a percentage of our profits each year to local and national charities, infusing an even higher purpose into our day-to-day work.

But when it comes down to how we work with clients, it’s the experiential factors that really make the difference. To understand how we continuously place the top 10% of marketing and PR professionals in the market, it’s worth breaking down the two tenets central to the Vetted approach.

1. Our Advanced Ability to Skills-Match

Benefits: Significantly reduce time-to-hire | Greatly improve quality-of-hire

Almost 10 years spent working in marketing (and client services & sales) roles with technology companies and agencies before entering the recruiting world gives us a unique perspective. Having walked in the shoes of the people we recruit – while also having worked at the types of companies we recruit for – is a HUGE advantage when it comes to not just identifying, but qualifying the right candidate for a role.

Layer on more than 15 years spent recruiting for very nuanced marketing and communicaitons roles (truly, no two are the same, titles be damned!) and we have the ability to quickly produce candidates who check 8 or 9 of the 10 boxes on a job description.

2. Our Uncommon Capacity for Authenticity

Benefits: Stronger ability to gauge culture fit | Longer employee tenure

We believe in listening more than we talk. It’s a simple conviction our team holds dear, whether it’s engaging with clients or candidates. It starts with asking the right questions and (literally) taking note of the answers. It ends with understanding. The idea is to keep asking questions until we have the insights we need to do our job effectively.

For clients, we see ourselves as an extension of your team. We need to be able to tell your company’s story as well, if not better, than you can to prospective employees who may have never heard of your firm. (We don’t lose sight of the employer branding aspect of the searches we conduct.)

For candidates, we want to first understand what your situation is and, if timing is right, what is most important to you. What next step are you trying to take in your career? What type of companies and industries interest you most? What does the salary need to be? What about commute (or the ability to work remote)? Something else? For a career move to make sense, all of these things need to align. And if timing or today’s opportunity isn’t right, that’s okay. There will be other opportunities.

Ultimately, the Vetted approach is about authenticity (and treating others as we would want to be treated) combined with advanced skills-matching capabilities. This allows us to be consultative partners first and foremost, while remaining outcomes-driven as we help you reduce time-to-hire and improve quality-of-hire. Building high-performing, well-balanced teams is an always evolving endeavor, and we take pride in co-creating the team dynamics you need for healthy, stable growth. We’re here to make hiring better, and to enable you make better hires.

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